How do i use my wax melts?

Simply snap off/take out your desired amount(we recommend no more than 2 shapes/pieces)and place them into the bowl of your melter/burner and then follow your usual procedure for heating the wax(turn on or place candle directly underneath bowl). Simmering crystals require roughly 2 teaspoons (approx 10g) being placed into the bowl of your chosen burner before following your usual procedure of your burner/melter.

How long will the melts last?

Most shapes/Bars/ should scent your home for roughly 6 hrs. Salt Crystals will scent your room for approx 3-4 hrs. 

What are the melts made from?

We only use 100% soy wax to make our melts as soy wax has no additives or chemicals mixed into it, handpoured and scented with 100% paraben free fragrance oils, natural mica powders to colour and thats everything that goes into our melts. Biodegradable, vegan friendly, cruelty free.

How will my order be delivered?

Royal Mail or delivered by hand within 7 miles. All shipping rates are calculated by royal mail. We are happy to assist further with any information regarding shipping and returns.

Why is my Wax melt smoking?

If you see subtle vapours or even light smoke coming from your burner please do not worry, this is normal and is actually the fragrance being released from the wax/salt.

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