Below you will find a brief description of the scents that we offer. All of the fragrance oils we use are of a high quality 100% paraben free and do not contain any animal derived ingredients and are cruelty free. Vegan friendly. 100% manufactured in the UK. 

APPLE ~ A crisp green apple scent, with a luscious aroma of creamy orchid and subtle notes of velvety white musk

BABY POWDER ~ A powdery blend of delicate rose water and heliotrope blooms invigorated with orange and mint leaf. A lovely fragrance that’s both fresh and gentle

BLACKCURRANT ~ A sumptuous berry accord of rich blackcurrant accompanied by light tones of dewberry and subtle green leaf.

BLUEBERRY ~ A delicious summer aroma of juicy blueberry, with subtle undertones of bright bilberry, fresh raspberry and zesty orange.

CHAMOMILE BLOOM ~ A pleasant, soothing array of chamomile blossoms, radiant rose, heliotrope blooms and rich musk.

CHEEKY CHERRY ~ An extravagant compote of succulent, ripe cherries cascading on a wave of summer berries and smooth almond.

CHOCCY ORANGE ~ A mouth-watering scent of milk chocolate, vanilla bean and light sugar blended with freshly juiced oranges to create the iconic, jazzy scent we know and love today.

 CHRISTMAS TIME ~ A festive blend of tart bergamot, spiced woods and frosted winter florals in a sweet frankincense musk.

CINNAMON & ORANGE ~ Spiced cinnamon stick rolled in a sweet dusting of precious woods blended with freshly squeezed oranges.

CITRUS GROVE ~ Tart citrus of Sicilian lemon and orange tantalise deeper notes of eucalyptus and pine.

 CLASSIC COCONUT ~ Sweet coconut flesh soothed with delicate white florals.

 CLEAN COTTON ~ Comforting cotton blend with uplifting notes of patchouli, cedarwood, jasmine and lavender.

 COSY CUDDLES ~ A fruitful blend influenced with lime, apple, peach and orange which energises the subtle floral heart and invigorates the clove spiced cedar base.

 DARKEST FAIRYTALES ~ Full bodied cassis deepens, voluptuous notes of jasmine, tea rose and clove which lay on a base of fresh green leaf and Tonka bean.

 ELIZABETHAN ROSE ~ An English rose scent of waxy rose petals, lavish rose water, geranium and soft garden greens.

 ENGLISH LAVENDER ~ Freshly cut lavender aroma. Contains Lavender Essential Oil.

 ENGLISH PEAR & FREESIA ~ Lulling pear evokes the blend with sweet orange connotations that is calmed and caressed with freesia, jasmine, delicate rose and amber soaked patchouli.

 FAIRY DUST ~ Smooth cedar charms the fragrance, powdered in magical shimmers of raspberry, jasmine, rose and orange.

FRESH LINEN ~ A cotton fresh blend of precious woods, jasmine, rose and sweet white musk. A lovely laundry fresh fragrance.

FROSTY MORNINGS ~  Notes of  Lime, Basil, Rosemary, Mint, with subtle hints of  Rose, Jasmine, Muguet. complimented by delicate notes of Cedarwood, White Musk, Patchouli.

FUDGE-A-LICIOUS ~ A beautifully decadent aroma, blending notes of sugary butter, vanilla pod and caramel. A scrumptious sweet scent, ideal if you’re looking for a sweet smelling candle.

GARDENIA ~ Small gardenia blossoms are depicted with rose, heliotrope blooms and muguet on a chypre backdrop. A gorgeous fresh/ floral scent that’s not too overpowering.

GOLD ORCHID ~ Brilliant gold orchid shining with lemon rind, amber resin, tonka and coconut flesh.

HELLO MARSHMALLOW ~ An electric blend of sugar, vanilla extract and candied syrup.

IRISH CREAM ~ A smooth blend of sweet creamy coffee intoxicated with rich woody whiskey.

JASMINE ~ A heady jasmine blend serenaded on a spring breeze of Ylang, geranium, tuberose and subtle musk.

LEBKUCHEN COOKIES ~ Tantalising golden syrup excites the senses, drawn out with coconut flakes and sweet icing, which are delicately woven into the rich cake of vanilla, cinnamon and clove.

LEMON ZING ~ Sicilian lemons and succulent yuzu ignite the fragrance with tones of orange, lime and mandarin.

LILY OF THE VALLEY ~ A white floral accord of lily of the valley, jasmine, heliotrope, cyclamen and powdered musk.

LOTUS BLOSSOM ~ An oriental aroma compromised of freesia, rose, lily of the valley and lotus on a serene bed of peach sweetened white wood.

MAGNOLIA ~ unique citrusy fresh, but intoxicating CREAMY floral scent, ROMANTIC, SPRINGTIME FRAGRANCE

MIDNIGHT POMEGRANATE ~ A cascade of pomegranate, raspberry, coconut, lime, Apple and peach serenade a heart of violet leaf, jasmine and rose.

MYSTICAL FAWN ~ A soft floral fragrance utilising notes of lavender, jasmine and rose which are serenaded in a sweet bergamot musk. A lovely blend of fragrances.

ORANGE BLOSSOM ~ A gentle, orange blossom accord fortified with petitgrain, neroli, clove and bitter citrus.

PARMA VIOLET ~ A powdered violet aroma with intoxicating sweet citrus and luscious vanilla.

PEPPERMINT PASSION ~ This is a herbaceous, crisp, fresh minty fragrance.

PERFECT PEACH ~ A Georgia peach scent, sweetened with apricots and vanilla cream.

PINE FOREST ~ An evergreen fragrance of pine mellowed with country meadow florals and dewy citrus.

PIXIE PROMISES ~ A symphony of  Spun Sugar & Peach. complimented by subtle notes of  Cherry, Raspberry, Pear. with gentle undertones of Vanilla

PORNSTAR MARTINI ~ The fragrance is a tropical mix of passion fruit, mango, zesty orange, and is described as a long sip of a beach-side cocktail. There is also top notes of juicy pineapple, tropical mango and zesty orange, middle notes of peach and a musky base note

RASPBERRY & VANILLA ~ A succulent raspberry fragrance infiltrated with sweet juices of orange, apple, strawberry and vanilla Musks blended with a sweet vanilla fragrance intoxicated with smooth almond, coconut flesh and powdered sugar.

ROYAL MUSK ~ Exquisite blend of Lemon & Bergamot. enveloped by floral notes of  Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley. and gentle hues of  Amber, New Musk, Patchouli. 

SEA BREEZE ~ A spring breeze scent depicted with sweet peas, rose and white blossoms.

SHORTBREAD ~ A sweet buttery blend of luscious vanilla extract, sugar and warm biscuit base.

SIMPLY SANDALWOOD ~ White woods of sandal and cedar in a velvety white musk.

SNOWBERRY & MISTLETOE ~ Sharp peppermint refines the character of the blend which explodes into a fruity compote of dark forest berries and apple. Succulent green leaf and mistletoe soothe the natural sugars and eases them into the gentle allure of wooded musk.

SNOWFLAKE SPARKLE ~ A fresh serenade of cool watermelon, iced rose water and orchid which delicately entwine and create bountiful flakes glistening with evergreen balsam and white musk.

SOFT ROSE ~ Bergamot opens the blend, purifying the air of the fragrance filled with subtle rose, soft white woods and delicate Jasmin blooms.

SPICED VANILLA ~ Spiced tonka and vanilla bean caressed with clove and cinnamon spices.

STARLIGHT SHIMMER ~ A playful blend, clashing fresh fruits against a floral charm of aromatic rosewood, sweet neroli and gardenia encompassed in a decadent Amber and white wooded hue.

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM ~ A blend of plump red strawberries floating in a thick vanilla cream.

SUBTLE ORANGE ~ Aroma of freshly squeezed oranges. Contains Orange Essential Oil.

SUMMER FRUIT ~ A refreshing sorbet of exuberant strawberry, raspberry, blackberries and decadent peach juice. A superb fruit blast of scent, an excellent choice for a candle of wax melt.

TIMMY ROBIN ~ A festive blend of clove, plum, Bois de rose and orange glow Crimson in the cool winter snow as mused frosted tones sharpen green accords of coriander leaf and rugged precious woods.

VANILLA LATTE ~ Toasted coffee bean brewed with cream and a touch of caramel blended with a sweet vanilla fragrance intoxicated with smooth almond, coconut flesh and powdered sugar.

VANILLA VIBES ~ A sweet vanilla fragrance intoxicated with smooth almond, coconut flesh and powdered sugar.

WHITE MUSK ~ A succulent white musk aroma with sweet connotations of orange, gardenia, lily and cyclamen.

WILD FIG & CASSIS ~ Lavish fig and cassis are engulfed in the fruitful mirage of peach, strawberry, coconut, wooded tones and opulent rose petals contour the blend with unique sophistication.

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