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This is my small business that is based in Burnley, Lancashire.  I personally handcraft all my wax melts & scented salt crystals as well as many other hand crafted items... I am passionate about what I do & I take pride in doing so. All my wax melts are vegan friendly, and they are made from 100% soy wax and all the fragrance oils that are used are free of parabans
My name is Emma, I am a thirty-something year old (but lets not go there!)

I have been working as a care assistant for the past 3 years doing 12 hour shifts, in may 2020 whilst in lockdown ,with nowhere to go & nothing to do on my days off I decided I needed a hobby (as if I wasn't busy enough) I love to scent my home & i did buy a lot of wax melts so i decided to try making them & so i ordered everything I needed, after a few attempts & meltdowns I started to get rather good at it (if I do say so myself) & found I had unleashed a newfound passion in making them, and by November my home was overrun with scented wax melts. I started to trial them with friends & family (they loved them) & Just like that my business was born.

Each product that I make I have put my love, heart & soul into. As a result of me making everything by hand the wax melts will vary in colour or appearance slightly between batches but the fragrances will remain the same. This also means that there will often be limited stock on some items, once i know what scents are popular I will be able to make larger batches to cope with demand.
Emmas Random Wax of Kindness
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